Who Do I Think I Am?


Who Do I Think I Am?
-Direct from the Author-
by Thomas H. Lorimer

Devotional Lessons from the Book of Daniel (Paperback)

God has provided a wonderful example of humility in the life of the prophet Daniel. In a new approach to the Book of Daniel, Pastor Tom Lorimer clearly outlines humility in the life of Daniel through two months of devotional thoughts. As you make your way through these daily devotionals, you too will be challenged and instructed in humility. As your humility deepens, the grace of God increases.

“God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6 NKVJ

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Book Excerpts

“Suppose you are asked at work to do something that is not really honest or not really ethical. The boss has given you his instructions but you know that as a Christian you really shouldn’t do what he has directed. What do you do?
“It is the goal of Christian workers to help their bosses succeed. Instead of just looking at the problem, ask yourself what the goals of the boss are. What is it that he or she is trying to accomplish for the company? What is he concerned about in his own personal life? Trust God to give you insight into these things and then wisdom to develop a plan that will accomplish your boss’s goals as well as allow you to live a holy life.”
p. 42

“What is humility? We could define it to be the attitude which thinks little about one’s own self. It is the sense of littleness that causes us to accept what comes in life and to encourage and promote the good of others. Some synonyms may be lowly, meek and modest.
“But, like many things, humility is better understood by example than by definition. We have that example in Daniel. Across the pages of the book of Daniel we are given a picture of what it means to be humble and how humility is lived out in the real world of secular culture,
God-opposing leaders, cheating and conniving coworkers, and pagan practices.”
P. 10

“If you are going to develop humility and experience the grace of God, you need to have an appreciation for the investment that others have made in your life. You need to invest in what your leaders and teachers have found to be important and necessary. You need to practice the disciplines they seek to teach you. You need to welcome the accountability that challenges your spiritual growth.
“You may not be in the crisis right now. But waiting for the crisis is not the route to victorious Christian living. Get to know the Lord now. Develop a good meaningful devotional life now. Practice the disciplines of faith, love, justice, obedience, worship, fellowship, service, giving, etc. If you don’t know how to develop these, seek out teachers and mentors. Invest yourself in what they know is important. If you cultivate this aspect of humility, you will be ready when the crisis situations come. Through your humility, God can turn the apparently negative crisis situations in life into dynamic positives for the kingdom of God. God did it for the Daniel. He can do it in you if you have a humble spirit.”
P. 24-25

“Do people oppose you? They may not be enemies in the same sense that the eunuch was an enemy of Daniel. But do some people disagree with you or want to do things their way? What would happen if you would seek, in humility, to find out what they are defending. Figure out what it is they are trying to protect. Find out what their real goals are, and then seek creative ways to help them be successful.
“This is a key to defusing conflict and rebuilding relationships. Listen to the hearts of other people. Work to help them be successful regarding their goals. I am not suggesting that you compromise what is right. Daniel didn’t. This situation came about because he wouldn’t compromise.
“But Daniel could look beyond his own interests and concerns and see the needs of those on the other side. Then, with God’s help and wisdom, he could discover a creative possibility which would meet his need to be faithful to God and the needs of those who appeared to be opposed to him and his faith. Could God help you to do that, too? I believe He can. Do you?”
P. 42

“Humility is the key to a holy heart and life. But we cannot make ourselves holy just by being humble. God is holy and holiness must come from Him. He must do this work in our lives. Like conversion, it does not happen automatically. God will not force Himself on you. You must desire to have a holy heart.”
P. 261

“After so many evil and wicked kings, Josiah was a breath of fresh air and a tremendous example in Judah. One important truth demonstrated through him was that young people can be strong Christians. There’s no need to wait until completing college and establishing a career before having an influence for God. No, Josiah’s personal revival was as a teenager and then in his twenties, he led one of the greatest national revivals of all time. Don’t ever give into the idea that young people have to wait to do great things for God. God desires to use young people to lead revival and spiritual awakenings in our day too! If you are a young person reading this, why not determine to be all that you can be for God right now. God will bless you. If you are older, why not determine to encourage the young people you know to really live for Jesus. They can make a great impact for God.”
P. 14

“Friend, what are you facing right now? Are you experiencing a terrible crisis in life? Do you even feel like God has abandoned you? Daniel was in one of the darkest hours of his life. Yet, in humility, he submitted to God first of all. You can too. And remember, God gives grace to the humble. He did for Daniel. He will for you too. Don’t compromise now. Purpose to stay completely true to God.”
P. 21

“With Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, God revealed Himself in the worst of times, at their darkest hour. Suddenly He was there! By His Presence, He turned the worst time of their lives into a blessed time. What a story!
“The Lord will do that for you also. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up. It may be in the darkest hour. It may be the most trying time. Suddenly He will be there! The glory of His Presence changes the bad situation into a glorious, blessed time. What a testimony! Humble yourself, trust Him and watch for His Presence. ”
P. 96-97

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